Maybe the literal translation in English from Korean is: Taking the burden (the technical challenge) across the water (ocean) for doing goodness (generosity) between peoples.

Thus we can say that the meaning of “JEHIN” is the “spreading of harmony worldwide and to all peoples for all environments”.

We make every effort to: “Lead our Technology with generosity of spirit to all people.”


Our long history of R & D, manufacturing & customized engineering for solar THERMAL hardware & software is completed at our  UMSONG JGE  Factory, south west of Seoul Republic of Korea:

Jehin Global Energy is the name behind our renowned  brand :

The favorite Renewable Energy provider for Australia, California & Middle East – GCC.

 “Sol-Air” qualifies for a Master Architect’s prestige design for eco-Buildings :

Sol-Air’s Health Conditioned Sanitary WaterOur solar hybrid Hot & Cold Water System simplifies the Master Architects hydraulic design and Bill of Material costs   with over 80% electrical load & cabling reduction. This system is very popular with luxury hotels and villas. The enhanced value for the client is a thermally sanitized plumbing system to safe-guard the health of children and senior family members for all washing and food preparation…. plus maximum electricity savings.

 The Sol-Air 24/7  Solar Powered Air-Chiller”:    Our  “Pure & Silent” Solar e-Chiller System offers a Master Architect the liberty for flexible  & unrestricted design for the interior room space with ZERO wall/ceiling encumbrances; ZERO sound issues; ZERO dust sanitary issues and ZERO interior servicing access……with over 60% reduction of the electrical load & cabling.  This design freedom for Solar Air-Conditioning is greatly appreciated by the discerning client who seeks state-of-the-art, trouble-free comfort for a villa or penthouse of the highest status….with minimal electric consumption for a sustainable, environmental conscience.

The Sol-Air Cool Canopy:      The symmetry of our famous “Canopy Curve” has led many Master Architects to “Customizethe-Curve” for a unique, distinguished design both from a “high elevation” or a “ground perspective”. The practical function of the optimized surface area provides TOTAL absorbance of diffuse energy using our patented Solar Façade panels designed for prestige villas & penthouses with a highly valued family social space under-the-curve.…. plus a reduced electrical load (with many options).

Each Application System integrates our patented MEGA-10ultra-sensitive absorber plates to capture even the lowest intensity dissipated irradiation during dawn/dusk, haze, smog, dust storms both during cold cloudy Northern latitudes or the stormy Equatorial belt.

These MEGA-10 Absorbers are so sensitive that an “optimized” thermal driving effectiveness is achieved even when installed “FLAT” as a roof-terrace or as a “CURVED” roof-top canopy, or “VERTICAL” as a Wall or Window Façade for a building’s solar facing elevation.

Two constant (PCM-phase change media) flows sustain set-point process temperatures (88-90C) under 24/7  control of the patented “Sol-Air” heat transfer software of an REB-7 which co-ordinates & stabilizes a balanced thermal load for certified sanitary hot & cold water  to consumption and/or to drive our eChiller for 24/7 Solar thermal Air-Conditioning.

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CAR PARK CANOPY:  MEGA-10 Absorbance Power
(provides 500TR  Air-Con. for School Building)

Manufactured to  Architect’s customized design for variable shapes,
colors & sizes for Building Wall Façade & Solar Canopies.


East Asia:           Korea South to Singapore/Indonesia.

 Oceania:             Australia, Pacific & Indian Ocean Islands.

 West Asia:          Middle East & N. Africa.

Europe:                 Scandinavia, UK., Germany.

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Our Team of veteran professional engineers (over 208 man years) have accrued over 6,000+ hybrid heat recovery installations worldwide across 40 years full time employment in Renewable Energy Design & Build for every type of building & industrial process to reduce cost & improve air/water hygiene.

We engineer heat recovery & recycling by air/fluid transfer from every “on-site” possible opportunity with a single point focus:

To deliver our client his “optimized” solution for his set-points & Load Profile of certified sanitary hygiene needs, within his budget and on-schedule, with complete quality & performance validation.”

Our scope covers all new construction or retrofit applications for Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Laboratories, Kitchens,Laundries, Condominiums, Hotels & Resorts, V.I.P Villas & Palaces where water quality, Health & Hygiene is considered important for the young & old.

We work with all Architects & Consultants for the maximum LEED Gold/Platinum rating; with the benefit of certified Legionella & Pseudomonas control for all building hydronic circuits.

We operate crowd funding facilities for qualified charities, faith based organizations and NGO’s seeking specially customized system applications.


*Research & Product Development;

*Product Engineering & Manufacture in ROK;

*Hybrid Renewable Energy System “Design and Build” for certified sanitary Hygiene;

* Patented on-line Solar System monitoring & servicing;





*To provide our global clients with total satisfaction for GREATER HYGIENE SAFETY by a customized (New Build or Retrofit) process for engineering, installation & commissioning services of our proprietary heating & chilling hybrid renewable energy integration;

*To provide each hybrid heat recovery system to ASHRAE MEP standards as a certified sanitary system @ 80-90% reduced operating cost (LOWEST LIFECYLE COST) with full Health,Hygiene & Safety compliance;

*To provide the harmonized hybrid system as optimized for each client’s Demand Load Profile with less than18 month payback (return on investment) and an assured durability of 15-20 year as a “future-proofed” Facility.


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